Friday, 3 July 2015

A tiny speck of dust

We the humans are incredibly small when compared to the vastness of the universe. We breathe, quarrel, we run in the race with other tiny humans always concerned about our own petty problems and then we look at the huge sky only to realize who we are? A tiny speck of dust in this  unending, unfathomable universe and just imagine how insignificant does the feeling of jealousy , hatred, ego & false sense of superiority seem?
And then this realisation ends and once more we are caught in our own little world. Thousands of humans die every day dissatisfied with the kind of life they led and how they would like to live in a much different manner once again. Despite seeing others die we do not realise that we won't live forever and waste our lives being what others wanted us to be ....

So dear readers do listen that you have been born as a human not to run a race or be involved in your little problems, we have all been born to fulfill some unique purpose which does justice to the faculties we have been provided as humans and experience this enchantment called the Universe.

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow and learn as if you were to live forever".

                                 -Mahatma Gandhi


  1. Nice post !
    The title made me nostalgic, like i have read it before someplace, oops but cant remember it.

  2. no matter how small the dust particle is , it still can make a person sneeze. Well this piece tends to realize the same. Great JOB BHAI B)

  3. Universe is also collection of dust ...The behavior of one doesn't make any effect to this world and humanity...
    I think ideas are really good but more important thing is that you must put your ideas in a best ways that could touch the souls of the reader...